Department Chair - Media Arts Programs


Who We Are!

Our campus is part of a system of Art Institute locations that provide an important source for design, media, fashion and culinary art professionals.  We offer programs that focus on applied arts in creative areas such as graphic design, media arts and animation, culinary arts, photography, digital filmmaking & video production, interior design, audio production, fashion design, game art & design, baking & pastry, and fashion marketing.   

Benefits We Offer!

The Arts Institutes is committed to offering competitive salary and benefits, which may include:

  • Medical Insurance / Prescription Drug Plan
  • Vision Care / Dental Plan
  • 401(K) Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • PTO / 12 Paid holidays

Summary:   The Department Chair is responsible for overseeing and engaging the academic experience of all students within the Media Arts Department for Ai Houston, Ai San Antonio and Ai Austin. Department Chairs meet with students to evaluate program progression and work with all functions of the institution to ensure students receive the support needed to complete their program in a timely manner.  The Department Chair also manages all Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty within the Department, ensuring all faculty are credentialed, engaged and following policies and procedures. In addition, Department Chairs are in charge of overseeing curricular activities, including assessment, and systematic program review. Department Chairs will have a cohort of students they are responsible for in addition to teaching two (2) courses each quarter (exclusive of Internships and Independent Studies).  In order to meet the expectations of a Department Chair you are required to be on campus five (5) days a week for 40 hours.   

Incumbent must assure that The Arts Institutes International philosophy: quality services to clients; development, growth, involvement and recognition of employees; sound economic principles; and environment which is conducive to innovation, positive thinking and expansion - is considered in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Key Job Elements:

1. Student

  • Review student audits in coordination with institutional registrar.
  • Meet with students on a regular basis during office hours for assigned classes taught.
  • Organize a meeting/engagement event for all new students.
  • Evaluate and manage as appropriate all TOC (Transfer of Credit) packets for their department areas.
  • Follow up on weekly student LDA (Last Day of Attendance) reports per program and take or assign action to engage students as appropriate.
  • Work with Student Life in managing and resolving student complaints.
  • Monitor and advise students of SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) status quarterly.
  • Responsible for periodic and documented (in CVUE) outreach of an assigned cohort of students within the department.

2. Faculty

  • Oversee all Full-Time and Adjunct faculty within the Department, ensuring adherence to all university policies outlined within letters of appointment.
  • Oversee and manage BrightSpace shell review of all Department faculty prior to the beginning of each session start.
  • Conduct faculty performance reviews. Full-Time (once a year). Adjunct faculty (every four quarters of instruction).
  • Create and maintain robust roster of credentialed adjunct faculty.
  • Update SACS faculty rosters for all department faculty members on a quarterly basis.
  • Manage hiring process of adjunct faculty (with Dean’s approval). Coordinate appropriate teaching demonstrations to ensure academic quality of instruction.
  • Determine faculty coaching needs based upon assessment of instructional effectiveness and course level student learning outcomes.
  • Ensure faculty is submitting Career Edge tickets regarding students’ issues.
  • Track and communicate all faculty technology issues to Dean of Academic Affairs and appropriate IT staff (BrightSpace access, email, password, etc.).
  • Ensure faculty participation in institutional committees as required by the Dean of Academics (Curriculum and Institutional Effectiveness, Library, Technology, and Faculty Development).
  • Coordinate with HR staff and Dean of Academics on any faculty performance issues.

3.  Instruction

  • Teach two (2) courses, (pre-approved by Dean of Academic Affairs) per quarter within their programmatic area.
  • Additional classes assigned based upon department SSB.

4. Curriculum

  • Work with Dean of Academic Affairs, Full-Time Faculty and PAC (Program Advisory Committee) to research, develop and implement industry relevant curriculum with all necessary supporting documents (Student Learning Outcomes, Syllabi, etc.) required for State and Regional Accreditation Agencies.
  • Coordinate Institutional Effectiveness assessment activities for each programmatic area.
  • Coordinate and conduct systematic program review at minimum every 5 (five) years for all programs including relevancy / currency of the programs, student achievement outcomes, etc.

5. Academic scheduling and registration

  • Course scheduling (on-ground courses at campus level)
  • Course scheduling recommendations (MIU-GC courses at institutional level)
  • Ensure effective student registration for their respective department and programs.
  • Confirm faculty for course assignments prior to each session start.

6. Additional responsibilities

  • Build and maintain industry support through involvement with industry practitioners, thought leaders, employers and external organizations.
  • Participate in Art Institute level monthly calls with Academic Deans, Department Chairs, Program Coordinators and FT Faculty to discuss topics such as best practices, curriculum, training needs and software issues impacting the program.
  • Manage Program Coordinators as applicable.
  • With Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Institutional Effectiveness, manage, maintain, update, and submit any required Programmatic Accreditation requirements (i.e. CIDA, ACF).
  • Participate and lead academic department with institutional recruiting initiatives and activities (Open Houses, Orientations, etc.).
  • Oversee technical needs for effective course delivery, including software and capital equipment. Coordinate with local IT Staff and Institutional Technology Committee.

7.  Other duties as assigned.


Reports To:  Dean of Academic Affairs

Supervises:  Full Time and Adjunct Faculty

Interacts With: Academic Affairs, Faculty, Students 

Job Requirements (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities): 


  1. Master’s Degree in either Animation, Game Art, Film or Audio is required.
  2. Minimum of 7-10 years of successful higher education leadership experience, prior experience as a program coordinator or Full-Time faculty member.
  3. Extensive local / national network of contacts within the industry.


  1. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
  2. Strong interpersonal skills with faculty and students.
  3. Superior organization, prioritization, and self-motivation skills.
  4. Strong computer literacy skills with the Microsoft Office Suite.


  1. Ability to conceive and market adult educational programs consistent with the Ai Brand.
  2. Ability to listen to all constituents (e.g. staff, etc.) and to understand and respond positively to their requests.
  3. Ability to adapt to changing assignments and multiple priorities.
  4. Ability to manage multiple tasks and successfully meet deadlines. 

JOB CODE: 1000058