Animation / Media Arts Student Career Readiness Mentor

Austin, TX

Summary:   The Student & Career Readiness Mentor plays a vital role in student success providing leadership in Media (Animation, Game Art, Game Programming, Photography, Digital Filmmaking &Video Production, Audio Production and Visual Effects & Motion Graphics).  Mentors will focus on student re-entry support, student retention creating appropriate expectations for student experience, engaging in inter-personal bonding, pro-actively providing issue resolution, and be an expert in the industries listed above promoting career guidance and professional goal setting that lead to graduate employment opportunities.

Incumbent must assure that the Aii philosophy: quality services to clients; development, growth, involvement, and recognition of employees; sound economic principles; and environment, which is conducive to innovation, positive thinking and expansion - is considered in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Key Job Elements:

  • Assist with new student orientation, building relationships and setting expectations.
  • Proactively meet with At-Risk students striving to understand the depth of each student’s needs.
  • Lead & support re-entry student activity to ensure a successful transition back into the campus community.
  • Support campus student retention efforts.
  • Actively seek and facilitate resources for students/graduates throughout the school year especially during stressful periods (final exams, project debuts, etc.).  Primary resources are: workshops, webinars, informational events, employer interactions, local resources, student discounts, and support services such as tutoring, disability services and independent housing resources.
  • Through personal interactions (virtual or in-person), the mentor helps students, graduates & alumni identify their specific aptitudes and go on to realize their career goals
  • Act as the career readiness guide consulting with students/graduates on professional goal-setting and assist in arranging pre-professional, internship/externship, and professional opportunities. Additionally, will be responsible for assisting students/graduates with Career Readiness activities such as: resume building, building an e-portfolio, pitching ideas, interview skills, professional website creation, crowdfunding, demo reel and portfolio selection
  • Develop relationships with professionals in various capacities of the Design, Fashion, Media & Culinary industries, seeking employment opportunities for students/graduates.
  • Maintains job board – adding new jobs, removing filled/expired jobs, promoting jobs to students/graduates.
  • The student mentor will keep abreast of the industry always searching for student entry while cultivating meaningful relationships.
  • Assist with the collection and development of alumni success stories.
  • Conducts industry outreach calls to build relationships with potential employers/internship partners.
  • Possess a basic understanding of curriculum and employment outcomes in order to educate employers on skills learned in the program and competitive compensation.
  • Works closely with the faculty and academic leaders to provide industry feedback leading to program improvements and coach graduates and students on career search strategies, personal marketing, interview skills, self-promotion methods and materials.
  • Validates employment per policy and accreditation/state standards. Develop, track, report and document graduate employment program outcomes.

Reports To:  Director of Student Mentors & Career Readiness

Interacts With: All areas of the school, including admissions, education, and student services to enhance in-school activities and external relationships. Contacts inside the school may include all students and their parents, employees and faculty. Outside contacts are principally with associations, employers, and organizations.

Job Requirements (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities):

  • Knowledge:
    • Bachelor’s Degree required.
    • Previous experience in animation, game design, visual effects, audio production, film/video production, photography, or game programming.
  • Skills:
    • Demonstrated skills in facilitating and modeling a strong customer service orientation.
    • Demonstrated skills in establishing and maintaining working relationships with students, staff, faculty and the public.
    • Possesses strong written communications including proper English language spelling and appropriate grammatical usage for professional correspondences.
    • Possess strong presentation skills (in person and via webinar.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  Strong organizational and problem resolution skills.
    • Demonstrated computer literacy skills including working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Abilities:
    • Ability to listen to customers (i.e. students, staff, etc.) and to understand and respond positively to their requests as well as manage change at work.
    • Ability to handle and manage change effectively.
    • Ability to review information for accuracy, identify discrepancies and make recommendations for correction. Strong attention to detail.
    • Ability to work evenings and week ends as needed.